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Tense about Tenses?

Select the correct option to express the past tense.

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The cat slides inside the house when it is dark.

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The session begins at 9 a.m. sharp.

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They do their chores before they leave for work.

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Vicky wants Jay’s address because he wishes to send him a gift.

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Students learn the hard way that there are no shortcuts.

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I am fed up with all the boring data entry work.

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He overcomes all challenges because he faces them confidently.

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Do we have class on Friday?

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When I return from work, I play football with my children.

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We cut the cake after my grandfather arrives.

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Identify the words in the past tense in these stories.

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Jai introduced Jyoti and Mahesh at Mrs. Azmi's party last Sunday. They talked about their studies and their hobbies. They sang songs and Mrs. Azmi tapped the rhythm on the table. They sang old songs, danced in the large room, had spicy samosas and tea and danced some more. Later they tasted the homemade ice cream Mrs. Azmi served. It was exquisite. What a lovely day it was.

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Vicky came to this country a year ago. He didn't know much English then but he worked hard and practiced every day. Now he speaks well and understands everything. He was one of Mr. Paul's best students. He was going to major in history but he changed his mind. He is doing sociology now.

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The new students of the university went on a bus trip around the city last month. They visited several campuses on the way. They stopped at Marine Drive and walked along the famous promenade. They observed new sculptures and parks coming up in the city and listened to lectures on historic monuments and the Hotel Taj Mahal.

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