Voice Over

Dear Sonie, There is a Chinese Proverb “The Tongue can paint what the eyes cant see “ That’s exactly what happened when you did the Voice over for the fantastic video for Kharawala‘s Dryfruits. I never knew a voice over can be so important until I saw our company video and the magic you created. It was such a pleasure to work with you. I am surely going to refer you to as many people I can. Thank You so much.

Kharawala’s Dry Fruits

Rinki Chandawalla

At Project Mumbai, we remain relentless in our fight against COVID 19. One of the mainstays of our work is mental health. Our toll free helpline SAMVAAD we receive calls from over 20 plus states across India. Sonie, your voice greets and puts the caller at ease. Thanks for activating your resources and recording the IVR in time. Not once, but repeatedly. Thank you for being there for us.

CEO, Project Mumbai

Shishir Joshi

Business English


Dear Ms. Sonie, This has reference to the India Process Power Client Community Meet 2005 held at the Hyatt Regency hotel from Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2005 wherein you had offered us your professional services as a compeer for the entire event. We would like to state that your services in the event were laudable and a large majority of delegates have expressed their appreciation to us in the manner you have skillfully orchestrated the entire show. Although the subject of the event was completely new to you, however you have been able to seamlessly integrate various different technical sessions of the meet well. This created greater interest level for the audience over the two-day proceedings.


S. K. Shriguppi

Dear Ms. Sonieji Thakkar, On behalf of my entire family, I thank you for your efforts to make our event a grand success. I congratulate you for a splendid performance as the host of the event. On the day you were grace and elegance personified. You have maneuvered the entire event effortlessly. Your language was impeccable and your poise was splendid. Once again we thank you for fulfilling your role to perfection. We look forward to your support for Shorya in future.

Aditya Singh Mahanot

Oress conference - R.K. Laxman blesses child genius

Dear Sonie, Though you had brief role to play that evening, a lot of guests were appreciative of your compering and we look forward to having you at our Knight Frank events.

Sweta Vakil, Knight Frank

Ghazal Evening

Teacher Training

What worked for me: Intonation activity, giving instructions, word field, questioning skills, comprehensive strategy.

Grade 4 Teacher

The workshop has helped me in terms of planning my sessions and making them more goal oriented. Very interactive and happy 3 days.

School Counselor

Very effective learning of phonetics, pronunciation activities and IPA, identification, recognition and association of phonic sounds and rhyming words.

Lab Assistant

What worked for me: The lesson plan session and the building of a word-field. This can help every teacher to bring change in our students’ life. Everything was beyond expectations. Looking forward to more workshops.

Sr. KG Teacher

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