Engaging Conversations

When you know the right words, the right words come to you.

Widen your range of vocabulary and  enrich your communication when socializing and networking. Learn a range of phrases to build rapport and  meaningful conversations.

• 1st December, 2021. Online.   
• Register via: Gpay/PayTM – 9821498378

This is a series of live monthly sessions with Sonie. Watch this space for forthcoming workshops.
First Wednesday of every month.

Not knowing the right words when you’re networking can be crushing. It’s hard to develop rapport and maintain meaningful conversations when you lack the vocabulary.
Every day, there are plenty of opportunities to be a conversationalist and we need to be able to speak eloquently and communicate effectively with people. Whether at a conference, a party, or even at home we often fall back on stock phrases that just don’t work.
In this workshop you will have meaningful interactions while using fresh vocabulary. Learn new phrases, widen your range of expressions and speak with confidence when socializing and networking.

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