Language Course Designer

Conversation Skills

The Discussion Forum with Sonie

Guided conversations with a support group. Build instant confidence and fluency. Direct practice with grammar and vocabulary.

Duration – 6 sessions

International Exams

IELTS Academic & General Exams
For Study abroad and immigration

Trinity College London GESE
Certificate Exams for Conversation Skills

Duration – 25 hours

English for Work

Effective Business Communication

For working professionals and companies. Customized for specific training needs. Focused and relevant vocabulary for work situations.

Duration – 20 + 4* hours

Customized Language Courses

With over twenty years experience teaching English language skills in a variety of contexts I believe I have a clear understanding of the language needs of my audience. Learners require specific language to fulfill various needs – to perform a real life task and be successful communicators or build vocabulary with a variety of topics that crop up in daily life or work progressively through confusing grammatical structures. Some may want to take their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to the next level.

To design an effective customized course the end needs are first collated and the learners’ background noted. Further assessment is done, either through direct interaction with the students or based on written or spoken language samples. This gives a clear idea of the existing levels of the students. With these two levels identified, specific contexts and outcomes are added to the objectives of the course. Strategies, methodology, materials and teaching platforms are planned accordingly.

Most frequently occurring language needs are in personal and social contexts or work and business situations. In social contexts learners want to grow their vocabulary to participate in discussions or share an opinion or even present their ideas on social media. In work and business learners want to improve their email writing, participate in discussions, persuade clients or even gain confidence to initiate interaction in networking events.

Audio stories for pronunciation practice

  1. Sonie-VO-Pron-Story-1 1:49
  2. Sonie-VO-Pron-Story-2 1:49

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