A World in a Word

There are so many things and incidents that enhance our life but go unnoticed. Deep admiration and gratitude to the designers and makers of these objects has spurred me on to share the experience and nudge the common cord that connects us all.

Sometimes there are chance utterances people have let slip or an idea or message I came across that has changed my life and reframed the way I look at things and the world around me. Be they mundane or profound, with these stories I hope to enrich your life and reframe your experience of things and events around you.  Some are fun, some tongue-in-cheek, some a surprising point of view and some a pleasant flavour.

Pick up a cup of coffee, or tea if you prefer, and settle down into you favourite armchair by the window. Get a comfortable footstool (okay, okay an ottoman, pouf, beanbag will also do) and put up you feet. Close your eyes gently in the amber lamplight.

You don’t have a lamp? Get one. It goes with these stories.

Hope you enjoy them!

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