Voice Over & Anchor

Voice Over & Anchor

We have done it all – had a sound or a phrase buzzing in our head long after it stopped being aired or liked a product for no practical reason at all, whether we had been searching for it or not, needed it or not, or even if we were unaware of its existence before. Sometimes it’s also a story which stays with you or the way it triggers some feelings.

The culprit is the beguiling voice in the background. You are not aware of it while it just slips into your memory or dictates your actions. An amazing product and a script are essential, of course. But it also relies on just the right voice-over to render the story and promote the product effectively. Over the fifteen years in the industry I have worked on a variety of voice over scripts like IVRs, product promos, audio stories, explainer videos, and language learning content. Words come alive for me, paint pictures in my head, and I hear their sounds and textures in my minds ear.

Some scripts require a special nuance – a voice that’s intelligent yet not aloof. Sophisticated yet approachable. Professional yet engaging. Whether it’s gentle and soothing or serious and informative, I offer a range and deliver the style and tone your audience will notice and remember.  Clients describe my voice as sophisticated, mature, soothing, appealing and intriguing.

For a voice with global appeal listen to my voice demos for the range of styles of audio I can offer and how I sound. From my home studio I can now offer my audios across the globe. I really can make your business sound amazing!

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