The Sound of Words

Speak in such a way that people want to listen to you.

It’s not just the right words but the way you say them.

Your voice is your calling card and personal branding.

In the digital world, where we earn our bread through online media – videos, audios, podcasts, and webinars you have the edge if you can make your audience fall in love with you. Not just through your content but your voice too.
Work on it. It is worth it.
This workshop gives you practical, simple day-to-day actions to enhance your voice and move your audience.

Who should enroll?

  • Those who want to improve their voice and speak effectively in public.
  • Professionals who make frequent presentations and want to maintain audience engagement.
  • Aspiring leaders whose public speaking skills are holding them back in their career.

In- person workshop.    Mumbai, India.

9am – 12.30pm.          Jan 15 & 22 – Workshop.         

Jan 23  – Experience your voice in a professional recording studio.

WhatsApp 9821498378 for registration details.
The seats are limited to ensure personalised attention.

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